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Iced Coffee with Chocolate(Recipe)

As a matter of fact, coffee is your daily companion. What would you do without coffee? Be heartbroken maybe. Coffee has formed a haven in your heart and you just cannot let go of it. Well, that’s okay. We know the feels. That is why we are trying to help you with one exotic recipe for coffee that is a brilliant cooler while offering the essence of coffee at the same time. To make things even succulent and irresistible, we have added chocolate to this iced coffee. We may be adding to your coffee addiction. We are proud to do it, anyway. So let us not waste time in making it more irresistible and begin with the actual recipe. 

The time required and other details: 

This coffee recipe is going to feed your hunger for coffee in a matter of just 5 minutes. If you have good coffee beans, the right kind of water and good coffee maker like the keurig k575 coffee maker review suiting your coffee needs, you are ready to go. And this recipe is fairly easy, as is apparent from the time required for making it. Don’t worry, we will take care of your coffee needs with this recipe; just the manner of making is new. 

The ingredients and other required things: 

Coffee can be meticulous sometimes. Well, it deserves to be. You would need some really relevant things by your side before even thinking of beginning with the process of making it. Those things are precisely stated as under: 

  • A tablespoon of ice, crushed 
  • Some scoops of chocolate ice cream(depends on what some means to you) 
  • Some macaron syrup 
  • Some milk 
  • Some nice coffee beans 
  • A 350 ml glass 
  • A straw 
  • A shaker 
  • And, a steam nozzle 

With these items ready, you may proceed further with the recipe of Iced Coffee with Chocolate. 

The procedure of making: 

Coffee is always history in the making. Nevertheless, you just need to bring all the items together and follow the succeeding steps to brew your way to perfection: 

  • Use the steam nozzle to pour the milk into your keurig coffee maker. Switch the settings to cold and expect foam to come out. 
  • Now add to it your macaron syrup. 
  • While that happens, brew2 espressos and pour them into the shaker. Bring your ice cream and put it in the shaker. 
  • As the things are together, shake the ingredients properly. 
  • Now place your crushed ice in the coffee glass. Pour the contents of the shaker over it. 
  • Now bring your foam back into the picture and place in on the top of your coffee glass. 

Thus, your Iced Coffee with Chocolate is ready to be served chilled. We mentioned a straw earlier? Well now add it to the glass for the final touch. Hence, your cup is ready to be sipped and is downright pleasing to look at.  

We hope we make your day with the cup. Now get up and make one for yourself. Happy brewing! 

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