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5 Major Types of Grill 

Grilling as an activity has grown steadily and carved its own niche in this culinary world. Grills are known to lend a beautiful flavor to the food that happens to take up their grates. And, of course, grilling has its own health benefits apart from proffering succulent food. Now these grills are powered by different energies but produce results that are more or less the same depending on the method you adopt for cooking your food on the grill. Categorizing grills on the basis of what powers them, we obtain 5 major types of the grill. You can choose what suits your cooking needs from among those listed below. 

    1. Gas grills 

As the name suggests, the fuel being used to power these grills is propane or natural gas. These grills generally come with three or four burners offering enough power to cook food in the indirect or direct heat. 

These grills are considered convenient and offer a faster heat up process. Moreover, there are many accessories available to choose from. These grills turn on instantly and do not require much time for preheating purposes in comparison to the other variants. Furthermore, they do not leave any ash behind so cleanliness is not an issue. 

    2. Pellet Grills 

These grills have grown in popularity in the recent times. The fascinating facet of pellet grills is that they offer duality as in performing the functions of both grill and smoker. Thus, a pellet grill turns out to be a hybrid grill. 

They are convenient for the electronic systems attached to them monitor them on the basis of the information fed by the user. Thus, you would not need to stick around while grilling for extraordinarily long durations of time. 

Pellet grills are capable of leaving behind char marks s profound as any other category would. 

     3. Kamado Grills 

These grills have been introduced recently and enhance the working of a charcoal grill. the most important facet of these grills is the versatility they have to offer with the food being cooked on them. Although, the thick walls of Kamado grills do take a considerable amount of time to heat up to the desired temperature. 

     4. Kettle Grills 

These grills are again an enhancement to the charcoal grills. The differing factor is that they use the comparatively lesser amount of charcoal and are portable. 

As the name suggests, these grills are in the shape of a kettle; charcoal is loaded at the bottom with a grill grate over it. These grills are made up of metal and are typically lightweight in comparison to traditional charcoal grills. 


     5. Charcoal Grills 

The most elite category, these grills are considered favorites around the culinary world. The defining factor is the unique and remarkable flavor that charcoal lends to the food being cooked on it.  

Another thing is that these grills are capable of offering consistent heat in the zones you create while cooking. 

These grills have been in use traditionally and are still unparalleled in many aspects, one being the specific charcoal flavor. 


The aforementioned categories are the major types of grills currently available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your needs. Happy grilling! 

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